CAD Laboratory

    Prof. Dr. Erdal Ünal CAD Lab. has 57 m2 floor area and is used for design projects by the senior students. This lab has

    2 printers, a scanner, a digitizer and a plotter along with 10 PC's. 


    Students acquire hands on experience with programs:


    DIPS (Discontinuity analysis)


    SLIDE (Slope stability analysis)


    FLAC (Finite Difference program for rock mechanics applications)


Phase 2 (Finite Element program for rock mechanics applications)


VnetPC (Ventilation simulation)


Surfer (Reserve calculations)


Micromine 11 (3-Dimensional modeling and visualization)


MAPTEK Vulcan 6.0 (3-Dimensional modeling and visualization)




Furthermore this CAD lab is used for not only in mine design course but also in the other courses which have computer application.