Rock Mechanics Laboratory

    Rock mechanics laboratory has the following principal equipment:

    Rock coring and grinding machines with accessories.
    Core drill for taking samples from large rocks.
    Diamond saw.
    Surface grinder.
    Iotech DAQBOOK 200kHz PC Based Data Acquisition System
    200 Ton Tinius olsen testing machine with accessories.
    2800 kN MTS stiff testing machine with accessories.
    Portable direct shear machine with accessories
    Motorized Direct shear testing machine with accessories for rock and soil.
Triaxial testing cells with accessories.
Point load tester.
Schmidt hardness tester.
Slake durability testing machine.
Engineering seismograph with accessories for seismic exploration.
Vibration seismograph
Drying oven.
Freezing-thawing testing machine.
Rock toughness testing machine.
Borehole sliding micrometer.
Plate bearing testing set up.
In situ direct shear test set up.


In the laboratory the following tests are available:

  1. Uniaxial Compressive Strength
  2. Unit Weight
  3. Porosity
  4. Water Content
  5. Static Deformability (E, )
  6. Post Failure Deformability (Dilation Angle)
  7. Triaxial Compression Test
  8. Standard Sample (NX, BX)
  9. Non-standard Sample
  10. Direct Shear Test
  11. (<80 mm)
  12. (>80 mm)
  13. Freezing and Thawing Strength
  14. Direct Tensile Strength
  15. Indirect Tensile Strength (Brazillian)
  16. Flexural Strength
  17. Dynamic Deformability (Vp, Vs)
  18. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
  19. Slake Durability Test
  20. Point Load Index Test
  21. Toughness (ASTM, TSE)
  22. Schmidt Hardness
  23. Shore Hardness
Blast Design
Other Services
  1. Rock Mass Classification (per system, per core box)
  2. Field Seismic Velocity (P velocity, 2 direction, < 70 m)
  3. Field Seismic Velocity (P velocity, 2 direction, > 70 m)
  4. Field Seismic Velocity (S velocity, 2 direction, < 50 m)
  5. Field Seismic Velocity (S velocity, 2 direction, > 50 m)
  6. Coring from Block
  7. Core Cutting and Polishing
  8. Plate Cutting and Polishing