There are two computer labs with internet connection assigned solely to the undergraduate students. One of them,with a floor area of 83 m2, is for general use, and has 17 PC's of late models and shared printing facilities. The other computer lab has 57 m2 floor area and is used for design projects by the senior students. This lab has a digitizer and a plotter along with 5 PC's. Students acquire hands on experience with programs such as Maptek Vulcan, SLIDE and Surfer. In addition, students have access to computers in computing rooms in the other departments as well as dormitories. The third computer lab is assigned to the graduate students.


                                                                                                                                                                                                          Package Programs Used in Mining Engineering Department PC Laboratories

DIPS (Discontinuity analysis)

SLIDE (Slope stability analysis)

FLAC (Finite Difference program for rock mechanics applications)

Phase 2 (Finite Element program for rock mechanics applications)

Phases (Finite Difference program for rock mechanics applications)

Examine (Stress-Strain analysis in underground openings)

VnetPC (Ventilation simulation)

Surfer (Reserve calculations)

Coalcomp-metalcomp (Compositing)

Coalres-metalres (Reserve calculations)

Coalsec-metalsec (Visualization of borehole logs)

Geoeas (Geostatistics applications)

Mathprog (Operations Research applications)

Probmod (Discrete simulation)



(Mineral Processing Simulation Program)

More over wireless internet connection is available in Mining Engineering Department for the laptop users provided by METU Computer Center. Registration is compulsory and online registration is available on METU Computer Center web page.