Mineral Processing Laboratory has the following principal equipment:

    Different crushers

    Jaw crushers

    Roll crushers

    Hammer mill

    Cone crusher

    Grinding mills

    Ball mills

Rod mills

Sieve sets and shakers (Wet and Dry)

Classifiers; Mechanical Classifier, Hydrocyclones

Shaking table

Denver mineral jig

Flotation machine

High intensity and Low intensity magnetic Separator


Atomic Adsorption spectrophotometer

Image Analyser

Hardgrove Index Machine (Grindability)

Muffle and drying Furnaces


Vacuum and pressure filters

Surface tensiometer

Hot plates

Micro electrophoresis

Air pycnometer


pH meters

Electronic and analytical balances

BET apparatus

Mortar grinders

Pelletising Disc

Briquetting machine

Drewboy separator


This laboratory serves the needs of MinE 309 and MinE 310 courses.