The Mining Engineering Department at METU was estalished in 1960 to promote the development of mineral resources of the country by providing engineering training for the personnel required by the growing mining industry. The curriculum of the four-year bachelor's program in mining engineering is composed of sufficient parts to make the mining engineering aware of all the facets of his job. A core of mathematics, science and engineering courses makes him/her a qualified engineer. The graduate program was started in 1964. The department offers both "Master of Science" (M.S.), and "Doctor of Philosophy" (Ph.D.) degrees in mining engineering.

Also research work is carried out within the department in the following major research fields; Mining systems, Rock mechanics, Mine mechanization, Mine environment, Mine economics, Reclamation, Mineral processing fundamentals, Mineral process engineering, Coal cleaning, Solution (chemical) mining, Tailings and Effluent management.

The graduates of the Department have no difficulty in finding jobs both in government organizations and private companies dealing with mining as well as in establishments involved in marble work, quarrying, tunnelling, dam construction and engineering geology.

Department Chairperson

Prof.Dr. Hayri Erten (1962-67)

Kemal Özkal (1967-69)

Prof.Dr. Hayri Erten (1969-76)

Dr. Aktan Tunçöz (1976-81)

Doç.Dr. Ender Okandan (1982)

Prof.Dr. Tacettin Ataman (1982-84)

Prof.Dr. Zeki Doğan (1984-85)

Doç.Dr. Naci Bölükbaşı (1985-88)

Prof.Dr. Gülhan Özbayoğlu (1988-91)

Prof.Dr. Günhan Paşamehmetoğlu (1991-97)

Prof.Dr. Çetin Hoşten (1997-2000)

Prof.Dr. Tevfik Güyagüler (2000-2003)

Prof.Dr. Ümit Atalay (2003-2006)

Prof.Dr. Celal Karpuz (2006-2009)

Prof.Dr. Ali İhsan Arol (2009-2015)

Prof.Dr. Celal Karpuz (2015-2019)